Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Insanity of Gaddafi: A commentary (pt1)

While watching along with the rest of the country the events in the middle east, no one can help but talk about all the different countries which are rising up. The Arab voices crying out for democracy beckon to our imperialist nature. We crave a stable democratic free Arab nation, we need one. The man at the center of Libya is Gaddafi, a crazy dictator ruling for the last 40 years, the people want him gone. The more death and destruction this leader causes the more his people love and fear him. His tirades always include blame. In a series of articles I'd like the point out some simple facts about the Gaddafi regime along with my own opinions of the events. The violence of this regime has been turned against it's own people now.

Violence and Bombings:
“The violence must stop; Muammar Gaddafi has lost the legitimacy to lead and he must leave.” Pres. Obama

- Lockerbie, Scotland plane Bombing:
On 22 February 2011 during the Libyan protests, the former Minister of Justice stated in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Gaddafi had personally ordered the bombing. The bombing killed 270 victims, despite warnings, previous knowledge by the CIA and an extensive investigation. It took the FBI three years to indict the men who carried out his orders. He ordered this bombing personally, a crazy guy with crazy martyrs has been ruling for 40 years!

- He went to war against Chad because their leader was black and Christian and after he lost the war, he retaliated against French involvement by arranging for a bomb to be carried on a French passenger plane, which killed all 170 people on board:
Another classic example of his disregard for life, christians, blacks, many more nationalities are you going to piss off Gaddafi?

- He has executed dissidents numerous times:
Even though he claims his country is democratic from 1969 to today, there is no such thing as political freedom in his country. In a day of too many opinions on TV and radio from right and left about every small issue, can you imagine knowing only one dictatorial government all your life?

- He has chemical weapons:
Earlier today I read that the protesters had been gassed by pro-Gaddafi mobs. Gaddafi obviously has no morality to freely and routinely use violence against his own people including devastating chemical weapons.

- Gaddafi voluntarily gave up his weapons of mass destruction programs
After the US invaded Iraq and WMD became a buzzword in American homes, Gaddafi supposedly gave up his program out of fear of retaliation, however with the absence of these weapons, I wonder if Gaddafi had them or wanted to say he had them.

- More than 1,000 prisoners were shot dead by security forces on June 28 and 29, 1996 in Abu Salim prison, Tripoli.
Most of the prisoners were political rivals, the prison was home to many dissenters of the regime.

- In the 1980s he had a policy of killing his political opponents overseas his term for them was "stray dogs".
Gaddifi's assassins were trained in Libya to commit murders on foreign soil, the CIA began investigating Gaddafi for terrorism connections shortly after some of the killings.

- Gaddafi's personal bodyguards called The Amazonian Guard are young virgin women, trained to protect and die for him. Some have died in assassination attempts against him.
Gaddafi's views on women are not the typical Arab worldview. He has taught these women how to fight, they will die to protect him. He believes women should be in the army to learn how to protect themselves and build stronger warriors to teach Arab sons. Some speculate this belief was linked to the death of his daughter in a US airstrike on his home. This to be discussed fully in the next chapter of The Insanity of Gaddafi

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